Current and past issues of our weekly newsletter “Pulse”


Volume 4.38 Print Edition

   November 29, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.38 Print Edition   So…the holy-day season is upon us ~ by Rev. Dave Lillie                 Ours started out in a decidedly non-Thanksgiving fashion. Don’t misunderstand, we revere turkey and mashed potatoes … we salivate at gravy and brussels sprouts with a mustard and bacon topping [Continue reading »]

Volume 4.37 Print Edition

   November 22, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.37 Print Edition   Pints for Pancreatic Cancer Members of Heart of Longmont enjoy pints of ale with proceeds going to fight pancreatic cancer. Present: Laurie Harris, Reverend Carol Lillie, Reverend Dave Lillie, Reverend Linda Meyer, Tim Bradley, Kathy Bradley, Jim Kremer, and Camille Kremer. Prayers ongoing for Dave Palmer, a Heart [Continue reading »]

Volume 4.36 Print Edition

   November 16, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.36 Print Edition   Heaven’s 911 Are you lost and confused? Don’t know what to do or how to feel when thrust into a difficult or heartbreaking situation? Well, divine guidance is on call 24/7 to lend a helping hand and give a sympathetic ear. Emergency numbers may be dialed direct. No [Continue reading »]

Volume 4.35 Print Edition

   November  9, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.35 Print Edition   Advent Bible Study ~ By Rev. Dave Lillie Join Pastor Dave this Advent season to study the Biblical stories about the birth of Jesus Christ. Starting with the Old Testament prophets who predicted his birth, we’ll continue by studying both of the versions (Matthew and Luke) of [Continue reading »]