Current and past issues of our weekly newsletter “Pulse”


Volume 4.23 Print Edition

PDF Button    August 17, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.23 Print Edition   True or False? ~ By Rev. Dave Lillie As a student, I always loved T or F tests … even if you didn’t know the answer, you had a one-out-of-two chance to get it right! The other factor was that, after a teacher had written a [Continue reading »]

Volume 4.22 Print Edition

PDF Button    August 10, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.22 Print Edition   Hard work pays off for Garage Sale Four days of preparation and organization were rewarded with a good turnout at the biennial Heart of Longmont Garage Sale August 4th and 5th. Although the money from the sale hasn’t yet been officially counted at this point, Gloria [Continue reading »]

Volume 4.21 Print Edition

PDF Button    August  3, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.21 Print Edition   Undie 500 ~ the results are IN! And the results are IN! for the 1st Annual Heart of Longmont Undie 500! The following Neck of the Woods (NOW) Teams ran a GREAT race to collect children’s underwear, socks, and diapers to be distributed into the [Continue reading »]

Volume 4.20 Print Edition

PDF Button    July 27, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.20 Print Edition   What is the foundation of your life? ~ By Rev. Dave Lillie I’ve just completed finishing off a large portion of our basement. We now have two more bedrooms and a large family room area. Aside from the HVAC work, I did it all myself. Why? [Continue reading »]