Current and past issues of our weekly newsletter “Pulse”


Volume 4.31 Print Edition

PDF Button    October 12, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.31 Print Edition   HOPE ~ Soup Angels Needed HOPE needs volunteers from Heart of Longmont to provide soup for the homeless every 4th Wednesday of the month from September through April. Volunteers are asked to provide 20 meals and will be given 20 Styrofoam cups with a lid, brown paper [Continue reading »]

Volume 4.30 Print Edition

PDF Button    October  5, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.30 Print Edition   Message from Reverend Dave Lillie We are halfway through our church wide stewardship series: Shiny Gods – Finding Freedom from Things That Distract Us. Last Sunday, our topic was “Money, Work, and Debt” We looked at the ways that God provides for our needs, and [Continue reading »]

Volume 4.29 Print Edition

PDF Button    September 28, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.29 Print Edition   Answering God’s Call Linda Meyer, member of Heart of Longmont since 1996, had a mid-life calling that completely turned her career path around. She went from “hi-tech” to Licensed Local Pastor (LLP) of the 30-member Evans United Methodist Church, established in 1871. Having earned a bachelor’s [Continue reading »]

Volume 4.28 Print Edition

PDF Button    September 21, 2017 Pulse Volume 4.28 Print Edition   Introducing … someone who needs no introduction! Reverend Carol Lillie has, since June 1, been taking a much more visible part in worship activities. And that’s just part of what she is up to … so, for anyone who is interested, here is the what, why, [Continue reading »]