Do you remember how special it was to come across an old, handwritten letter from your grandmother? Or to discover some of her handwritten recipes of her “comfort foods?” Everything back then was written by hand … a lost art of communication that’s overshadowed nowadays by emails and texting. Just seeing that personal handwriting again would bring back a flood of wonderful memories.

Bringing back the art of the handwritten story is what Angela Roberts hopes to accomplish with her participants in a six-week Memoir Writing Workshop. The no-cost workshop will take place at Heart of Longmont on Tuesdays from 6:30 – 8 p.m., starting Sept. 5th and ending October 10th. Sign up at the hospitality desk, or e-mail Angie Roberts at

An English teacher for 20 years and a member of the church since 2004, Roberts believes there is nothing like reading a personal story written in that person’s own words, and own handwriting. “It doesn’t matter if the grammar and spelling aren’t right,” she added. “Who cares? The story belongs to that person and that is all that matters.”

For inspiration, Roberts will be using the book How to Write Your Personal or Family History by Katie Funk Wiebe. According to Roberts, the book is a wealth of information with ideas to help people get started in writing.

“During the first couple of classes, participants will create charts that will help them map out their lives and give structure to their stories,” Roberts said. “There will be optional writing assignments to complete at home. When we are in class, those who are comfortable doing so, may share some of their stories.”

Roberts knows the value of writing about one’s life. “It can be very cathartic,” she said. “Writing one’s memories is also important to future generations as they explore their identity and past.”

With what you learn in Roberts’ workshop, you can revive the lost art of handwriting while sharing your thoughts and family history with your loved ones.

by Sandi Austin

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