Lent may be coming to an end soon, but it’s not too late to take up the Lenten Challenge from the Women in Black.

While many people choose to give up harmful things for Lent, you could use the season to help build good habits.

The Fundraising Team encourages you to step outside of your routine this Lent to increase your spirit of generosity. Here is the challenge – if you are not already participating in our grocery card program, give it a try during Lent. Buy all of your groceries using pre-paid gift cards that you purchase here and re-load at the store. Grocery cards are by far our biggest fundraising opportunity.

If you are already participating in the grocery card program – thank you! Your challenge is to participate in one or more of our additional fundraising programs. These are: Lifestyle Consignments, Vehicles for Charity, Smile.amazon.com, and UMCMarket.org. For more information, grab one of the brochures on the hospitality desk or email finance@heartoflongmont.org.

Here is a personal testimonial from one of our Women in Black, Diane Kremer: “I tried the grocery card program once when I was a new member of the church. I found it cumbersome to re-load the card – the cashiers did not seem familiar with how to do it and I did not want to wait in a second line at the service desk. I dislike grocery shopping pretty intensely and didn’t want to belabor it any more than necessary. I gave up on the grocery card program pretty quickly. But then a few years later we formed the fundraising team, and as a member I felt obligated to give it another try (gotta practice what you preach, right?). I was pleased to see that the kinks were worked out of the system. The cashiers are all familiar with the gift card program now and don’t blink an eye when you ask to refill your card. And I refill my grocery card using my credit card so I still get my credit card reward points and I earn 5% for the church at the same time. On a spiritual level, I know it sounds corny, but I think about Jesus every time I buy groceries now. I say a little prayer for our church when I check out and feel connected to our congregation and happy to be contributing in such a simple, practical way. I thought it would be hard to get in the habit of using the grocery cards, but honestly once I committed it was the easiest thing in the world. Now one of my most despised chores is slightly less despised, because of the satisfaction I get from helping our church.”

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