I’ve just completed finishing off a large portion of our basement. We now have two more bedrooms and a large family room area. Aside from the HVAC work, I did it all myself. Why? It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, and encompassed things I really wanted to learn how to do.

One of the most important things I learned is this: If your framing job sucks, everything will be a lot harder and probably look worse than it should. In reality, there are a lot of areas where the framing I did looked really good – maybe even close to professional (?) – and other areas where it looked … amateurish.

The fact that good framing equals a good result and poor framing equals … well, you get it … is that the framing job serves as a foundation on which everything else goes. Electrical boxes mount to it; drywall is placed on it; doors are hung from it … and lots of other things like molding, window sills, etc … So, I guess the larger lesson is that without a good foundation, it’s really hard to build something that is functional and stable.

There is, I believe, a similar relationship between faith and life. Faith is the foundation that allows us to build a life that is stable, healthy, and even beautiful. Faith helps make sure things line up when they need to; it makes sure that what we’re building is plumb and square. In the Old Testament, its reported that God will use a plumb line to measure Israel against – acknowledging how important a faith foundation can be.

What is the foundation on which you’re building your life? Is it an understanding of God’s love that values every person equally and sees our potential instead of our failures? Or is your life built on the warped foundation that says, “You’re loved and cared for if you succeed. If you don’t excel at something, you’re of marginal value to anything or anyone.” There’s a reason that Jesus Christ is often referred to as the “cornerstone.”

If life seems “out-of-kilter,” or the ground seems to be shifting underneath you, try moving your life onto a new foundation. With Jesus Christ, it’s never too late.

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