Sheltering Ministry

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“…We will work tirelessly by entering into intentional acts of compassion and social justice, to make our community a place where God’s love is known by all, where poverty and deprivation are unknown by any, and where respect for the worth and dignity of each person is the norm.” – Heart of Longmont Vision

How We Help

Partnership with HOPE

Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement provides life-sustaining services¬†for the homeless in Longmont. HOPE provides emergency¬†street outreach, dispensing¬†basic needs such as food, water, clothing, hygiene kits and blankets, and referrals to appropriate social service agencies for follow-up¬†care. HOPE also operates Longmont’s Emergency Warming Center, which provides overnight shelter during the winter months.¬†For more information about HOPE visit their website¬†

Heart of Longmont began a partnership with HOPE in 2014 that has grown substantially in scope and depth. Here are some of the ways Heart of Longmont is partnering with HOPE to serve those most in need in our community.

Call to Action Forums РHeart of Longmont has hosted several forums on homelessness, bringing together leaders from non-profits, the City of Longmont and the faith community to work together on long-term solutions. Read more here Longmont community leaders gather to share, brainstorm homelessness solutions and here Heart of Longmont church to host symposium on homelessness.

PLARN РWomen and men at Heart of Longmont have been knitting PLARN mats for years.  PLARN stands for plastic yarn.  Strips of plastic cut from used grocery bags are knitted or crocheted into thick, water-resistant sleeping mats for the needy. Our homeless friends are truly grateful for these gifts from the heart, and we keep hundreds of plastic bags out of the landfill. Read more here Heart of Longmont church goes green.

Lockers –¬†HOPE client lockers¬†are located at Heart of Longmont. These lockers allow unhoused individuals to store their possessions during the day while they work, and pick them up again in the evening.

Nightly Meals –¬†HOPE distributes¬†meals every single night, year-round at Heart of Longmont¬†to our neighbors experiencing homelessness. During the summer we opened our doors to provide¬†a comfortable sit-down dinner. To see this hospitality in action, view the video below.

St. Vrain Manor

In 1964 pastoral leaders from Heart of Longmont and two other churches met to consider the need for affordable housing for senior citizens in Longmont. Out of those meetings, Longmont Christian Housing, Inc. was created and one of the first high-quality, Christian-based housing initiatives was built. St. Vrain Manor has provided Longmont senior citizens with affordable, modern, well-maintained housing for decades now. Heart of Longmont continues to support St. Vrain Manor by serving on the Board of Directors and by helping to provide an annual holiday luncheon for its residents.

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