Linda Meyer, member of Heart of Longmont since 1996, had a mid-life calling that completely turned her career path around. She went from “hi-tech” to Licensed Local Pastor (LLP) of the 30-member Evans United Methodist Church, established in 1871.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees, Meyer enjoyed successful careers while serving the Heart of Longmont in more ways than one can count. Her long list of church roles included Finance Committee, Adult Ministries, Sunday School teacher, Sunday School secretary, Care Team, Welcoming Team, Youth Mentor, Staff-Parish Relations Team, Lay Leader, Worship Leader, and volunteer work.

And then Meyer got the call ­– from God.

“Two years ago, I was visiting someone who was dying of cancer and, as I headed to my car, it happened.” Meyer said. “It was then that I had an overwhelming feeling that God was there, trying to tell me something.”

Meyer never heard His voice, but felt His presence. She saw it as a typical mid-life call from God and couldn’t avoid it. She knew He needed her, but she didn’t know in what capacity.

The feeling was strong enough that she sought advice from Keith Watson, a retired district superintendent with UMC Rocky Mountain Conference. She talked with him over coffee, and Watson was able to reflect on what Meyer was telling him … God needed her to be a pastor!

In talking to Skip Strickland, a current district superintendent, she learned that one of his churches needed a pastor. Six weeks later, July 15, 2016, Meyer was at Evans UMC, beginning her “supply pastor” role while in the process of becoming a licensed local pastor. In March 2017, after classes, paperwork and tests, her candidacy for LLP was approved.

At a clergy retreat earlier this year, Meyer met others who had been called to serve God in mid-life and discovered that they came from all types of backgrounds – comedian, writer, retired Air Force veteran who served tours to Iraq, and other former “hi-techers” like herself.

Meyer’s chosen path will have her continuing to experience and learn new things as she enters her second year as LLP at Evans UMC. Her future for the next five years or more will include further education at the seminary level.

The Evans UMC has a tagline: “We have a long and rich history; and yet, we are only beginning.” The same can actually be said of Linda Meyer as she follows the path that is God’s calling.

-by Sandi Austin

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