Have something to share with the church? Here’s how to get it done!

  1. Send your submission by email to communications@heartoflongmont.org. This goes to Teresa (Bulletin Editor) and Brittany (Pulse Editor).
  2. The deadline is Tuesday at noon for Thursday’s Pulse and Sunday’s Bulletin.
  3. Please be specific about WHERE you would like it published (Pulse, Bulletin, Digital Sign at the West Entrance, HoL Website, Facebook, Church Marquee, or a combination).
  4. Please be specific about WHEN you would like the information to be published
  5. Please WRITE the article yourself, do not expect the office to do it. The office will edit your article if needed.
  6. Please send your article in an editable form (usually plain text email or Microsoft Word).

What about the bulletin boards?

  1. If you would like something posted on the bulletin boards or west door window, submit a digital or print version to the office. The office will not create posters for you, but they can print them if needed. They can print Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and PDF.
  2. If you would like a section of the bulletin board for a team/ministry display, submit your request to the office. Let them know how many boards you need and for how long. No display will be left up forever.

What about photos?

  1. Send photos to communications@heartoflongmont.org. If the photos are too large you can share them via google drive. Please send any photos you have from events or from around the church. We would love to feature them on the website and social media.

What if I need help?

  1. We are always available to help! Email communications@heartoflongmont.org with questions or help requests.

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