Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico in September 2017. Millions of people were left without electricity, with limited access to clean water, and with damaged homes. While supplies and assistance have been arriving to the island since the hurricane, help will be needed for years to come to rebuild Puerto Rico. This mission trip is being organized by UMCOR, BUMMP and Christ in the Caribbean (Broomfield UMC).

When: October 11-19, 2019

Teams: usually 6-8 people, max 13 (they can have up to 8 teams at a time, we are the first to ask for this week)

Age Limits: Must be 18, 18-21 must have a notarized “power of attorney” for medical services and “Permission to travel with someone other than parents” document

Mission: Re-construct houses and Sanctuaries. We are also on record that we would like to bring and distribute water filters in the area

Identification: Driver’s License or Passport is needed to enter Puerto Rico (passports are not required)

Medical: Talk to your doctor about any shots or medicines you may need according to the CDC

Insurance: Everyone should have $50,000 medical and travel insurance

Team Members: Must be in good health and prepared for heavy work in hot temperatures and higher elevations. 4390 fals, so lower elevations for us, but hotter and more humid than home

We will have a skills survey to see who has what construction skills, we will find a place for you to serve.

If you speak Spanish, you will greatly help your team. Translators will be provided.


  • Volunteer Work – Groups may be divided up to work on different projects on the island, depending on the needs
  • Common Tasks – Install tarps, clean debris, “Shelter in Place” repairs (roof, windows, doors), cleaning fungus, general cleaning, waterproofing roofs, etc.
  • Sunday Service – The group will attend the Local Worship Service, all services are in Spanish

If you would like to be on our communication list to join this team, please contact:

  • Michael Rowley, at or (303) 661-9725, or
  • Reid Lester, at or (720) 880-5224

We require several background checks and Safe Sanctuary training for this mission trip. We will schedule several dates at Broomfield United Methodist Church. We also encourage other churches to do likewise if that is more convenient for their members wishing to attend.

Estimated cost for a 13 person team is $6,425 (around $500 per person) plus airfare and travel to and from Puerto Rico.

Thanks for your ongoing love and compassion for people in Puerto Rico.

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