We did it! We disconnected our land line! It seems like a trivial thing, but it really wasn’t – and it wasn’t because I really hate change. It was because having a telephone line to my residence had at one time represented an adult ‘rite of passage.’ We were mature and trustworthy enough newlyweds for the phone company to give us access to a telephone line! (Of course, the $150 deposit they made us post had something to do with it as well.)

vintage red telephone

As decisions go, it was a lot more difficult than it seems. I realized that, over a period of time, we were paying $9 per phone call (18 calls in 3 months) and they were all from political candidates or survey companies who were really trying to sell us stuff! $9 each and we didn’t want to talk to them anyway.

Why was it difficult, given the economic facts? Because, for 41 years we have had a phone line – dependable ability to communicate with others – and not to have one was UNKNOWN! What might happen?? In reality, not much, but nevertheless, it seemed slightly dangerous. It was CHANGE!

We really didn’t give up much. Obviously being a responsible adult has more facets than whether or not the telephone company trusts you to pay your bill. So, I guess in a way we did grow up – or at least grow out of our discomfort with not doing things in the same way we always have. It’s been two whole days since the line was disconnected. I don’t feel any sense of liberation – no sense of freedom from telemarketer oppression, either. Just a sense that, it was time … and now it’s done.

It’ll be nice not paying $48 per month to Quest. It’ll be nice not having the phone ring right in the middle of dinner or a movie we’re watching. Life will be just a little bit simpler, a little bit more relaxed, perhaps. And, who knows – having looked into the demonic face of CHANGE and survived, maybe we’ll be able to consider letting go of some of the things we’ve held onto for security’s sake.

I wonder what other things in our life Jesus would urge us to give up – maybe because they would free us to live more simply. What other unhealthy dependencies … what other (more serious) fears are holding us back? Jesus always opted for the simple, direct way to love people, and to praise God. That seems like a pretty good lesson to contemplate as we continue to move toward Easter.

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