About Us

What If?

  • A group of people were committed to experiencing life and learning about Jesus not only by praising on Sunday, but by working diligently all week long to make our community the best in the world?
  • A group of people were more interested in listening for God’s guidance today than slavishly memorizing a rule book?
  • Life’s meaning and pupose came from working with God to create a place for all to share their insights, inspirations and efforts – valued for who God made them to be?
  • Faith was a verb rather than a noun?

If such a group of people existed it would represent all the best things that are present when compassion and forgiveness are of primary importance – where judgment and harshness are unknown. It would mirror the heart of Jesus.

350 11th Avenue

Longmont, CO 80501


Phone: (303) 776-3523

Fax: (303) 776-3524

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