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We are a United Methodist Congregation and are committed to experiencing life and learning about Jesus not only by praising on Sunday, but by working diligently all week long to make our community the best in the world.

Are you searching for deeper meaning and purpose for your life? To use your unique gifts and talents to make an impact? To be part of something bigger than yourself? To apply Christ’s teachings in our modern world? This is our shared journey at Heart of Longmont. Come join us!


Worship in Worrying Times – A New Normal

  Hi, friends. Pastor David here, this time coming to you from Billings, Montana, where I have been visiting my wife and family. All is well up here as far as everyone’s health. Montana seems to be...

Acts of Kindness

In our Lenten reading of The Walk, Adam Hamilton writes about church members doing 5 intentional acts of kindness a week. He says that given there are 52 weeks in a year, if one member did 5 acts of kindness a week that would be 260 acts of kindness in a year. We have...

Worship in Worrying Times – Take Heart, God is With Us!

In the twenty-eighth chapter of the book of Genesis we get part of the story of Jacob, the son of Isaac. I have always been fascinated with Jacob.  He was a schemer, and a dreamer. He stole his brother...

Worship in Worrying Times – Our Ministry Continues

  How are the kids doing?  Hopefully they are staying occupied with fun activities.  Perhaps they are wondering why school has been canceled and what this all means.  They probably have some of the...

Worship in Worrying Times – How do we respond to this situation in love?

Hi friends, Pastor David Burt here.  I’m wondering how you are doing during this time of social distancing and perhaps isolation.  Put your comments below this Facebook post and share with others how you...

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