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Welcome to The Heart of Longmont Web Site

Welcome to The Heart of Longmont's new web site! We hope you enjoy browsing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

We tried to represent the full scope of activities and ministries at the church. Our goal is to keep these pages up to date with the latest goings on so that the web site is as much a trusted source of information as the weekly bulletin or Spire newsletter or even Peg Howard (ok, maybe that's aiming a little too high).  :-)

With the look and feel of the new site we tried to present a clean, professional image that also has the warmth and depth of the neighborhood church we know and love. We wanted to show the open, welcoming attitude of our community and the real down-to-earth people in our congregation doing the work that they do to make a difference in the world.

We did not want our pages to seem slick or overproduced or to mimic those of a million-dollar megachurch. Our aim was to keep it simple and elegant. The Heart of Longmont is a place that is both small enough to know your name and big enough to meet your needs, and hopefully this web site reflects that.

If you have any input for us, we would love to hear it. This launch is just the beginning-look for new information, new features, and general improvements still to come.

Thanks so much,

The Heart of Longmont Web Development Team

(Doug McCallum, Diane Kremer, Jeanne Dworak, Tim Bowland and Rev. Dave Lillie)

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